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Aurora has a large selection of Above Ground Pools. We have sizes and shapes for every yard. We offer full installation as well as many options. Come by or contact us for more information on Above Ground Pools and sizes.

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Metal Wall

Metal Wall Pools are ideal for homeowners who are looking for a non­permanent pool. These must be professionally installed but can be moved. Many metal wall pools are available with filtration and heating systems.

Use: Year­ round
Available Shapes: Round, oval
Materials: Heavy ­duty metal or resin walls, with vinyl liner.
Durability: Can last 15 to 30 years
Sizes: 12 to 35 feet

Metal Frame

Metal Frame Pools ​Ideal for homeowners and renters who are looking for a semi­permanent pool that will last for years and is still movable. Many metal frame pools can be purchased with filtration and heating systems.

Use: During summer months, easy to take down
Available Shapes: Round, Rectangular
Materials: Steel frame with vinyl liner
Durability: Can last up to 10 years
Sizes 12 to 24 feet

Pool Shape

Round pools provide more space to swim around and are generally easier to install and less expensive than other pools. Oval and rectangular pools take up more ground space and allow swimmers to swim laps or play games like water basketball and volleyball.

Pool Size

What type of activities you will be doing in the pool? If you are playing games or swimming laps, a longer, larger pool might be best. Longer pools may also require an extra wall bracing for added strength and durability. If you are lounging and relaxing, a smaller pool may suit your needs.

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Overlap, Beaded, or UniBead

Boulder Swirl

Beaded, or UniBead


Beaded, or UniBead

Mystery Gold

Beaded, or UniBead


Overlap, Beaded, or Unibead

Rolling Cubes


All Over Swirl

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