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Clownfish Chlorinator


Purple Clownfish Adjustable Floating Chlorinator

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GAME Purple Clownfish Adjustable Floating Chlorine Dispenser w/ expandable basket (holds up to 5 tabs)

The best selling collection of chlorinators, spa chemical dispensers and thermometers.

ADORABLE WAY TO CHLORINATE YOUR POOL: GAME Pool Chlorinators are an adorable way to keep your in-ground or above-ground pool properly chlorinated. They hold up to five 3-inch chlorine tablets (not included).

EASY TO USE: These adjustable floating pool dispensers come with an expandable basket that can accommodate a number of 3-inch chlorine tabs. Users can adjust the basket to the size of their pool for correct chlorine distribution.

PERFECT FOR ABOVE OR IN-GROUND CHLORINE POOLS: Our chlorine baskets can be purchased as our Derby Duck, a cute clownfish, or a shark. They are perfect for above-ground or in-ground chlorine pools of multiple sizes.

TIPS OVER WHEN EMPTY: The GAME chlorine floaters tilt or tip over once all of the chlorine tablets have dissolved or it needs to be refilled.

ADJUSTABLE CHEMICAL-DISPENSING RATE: To ensure your chlorine swimming pool receives the right amount of chlorine, we’ve installed an adjustable chemical-dispensing rate (determined by the size of the pool).


Height: 12"

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