Product 560-C3C67L

Flo Pro Widemouth Skimmer

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Flo-Pro II WideMouth A/G skimmer

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Product Details

Flo-Pro II WideMouth A/G skimmer Assembly w/ return


  • Deep body, larger locking basket
  • Long or short throat
  • Basket accessible from top or front
  • Durable one-piece ABS (wide mouth is two piece)
  • 1 1/2″ FPT
  • 1 1/2″ hose adapter included


Flo-Pro II Wide Mouth Above-Ground Skimmers

Part No. Description Color Weight (lbs.) List (US $)
560-C3A60L Short Throat White 7.10 108.65
560-C3A67L Short Throat Gray 7.10 108.65
560-C3C60L Short Throat with Return White 8.24 113.17
560-C3C60LF Short Throat with Return – 90° Eye White 8.19 114.00
560-C3C67L Short Throat with Return Gray 8.24 113.17
560-D3C60L Long Throat with Return White 8.55 121.92
560-D3C67L Long Throat with Return Gray 8.55 121.92



Part No. Description Color Weight (lbs.) List (US $)
519-3091 Standard Trim Plate Black 15.29 16.11
519-3097 Standard Trim Plate Gray 15.29 16.11

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