Prince Advantage Outdoor Table


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Prince all weather tables feature our proprietary Compreg material. Real high density wood is impregnated and sealed with a finish that allows the tables to withstand water and yet play like a real competition table. Compare that with outdoor tables of our competitors that often have dead spots or do not use wood at all for their play surface. The heavy duty steel framing on these tables is coated with an element impervious finish as well. Indoors or outdoors these tables are ready for anything.


  • Tabletop: .5″ Blue Compreg composite surface
  • Table Apron: 1.5″ x 1″
  • Legs: 1″ rectangular
  • Wheels (8): 4″ rubber
  • Horizontal Cross bar: 5″
  • Official ITTF size

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Size: 108" x 60"
Weight: 242lbs

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