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The SERENE Collection was designed to build upon the beauty of the EDEN. The addition of a built-in spa enhances the serenity of your experience through the use of calming and soothing hydrotherapy to relax your muscles and body. This is your opportunity to enjoy an elegantly designed swimming pool and a contemporary splash pad / entry area with the additional comfort of your backyard spa. Take the time to relax and enjoy life at home with those important to you and your family.

The SERENE soothes the soul with the addition of a built-in spa on the right side of the pool’s shallow end while providing comfort and fun on the left side with a stylish splash pad and entry steps. The spa is 6’ 10” in diameter but is situated so that it allows a generous splash pad that extends over seven feet. The spa features two spillovers, one flowing into the splash pad and the second into the pool, creating a breathtaking spectacle.

Model Length Width Shallow Deep
E40 40’0″ 16’0″ 4’1″ 6′6″
E35 35’0″ 14’9″ 4’1″ 6′1″
E30 30’0″ 13’10″ 4’1″ 5’7″


Model: E40
Length: 40’0″
Width: 16’0″
Shallow: 4’1″
Deep: 6′6″

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