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Consider A Galaxy Sun System 14 Lamp Tanning Bed – Great Performance & Price!

If budget and price are your primary concerns when shopping for a home tanning bed…do you really know what you’re getting when looking at garage sale / online used tanning bed or deep discounted home tanning bed so called deals.

Always ask yourself, when the deal is just too good to be true, then you should just walk away. Do yourself a favor, invest a few extra minutes of your time, and it may substantially save you money today and tomorrow. Shop and Compare Before You Buy!

Have peace of mind knowing that all Galaxy Sun Systems are manufactured with ESB’s superior standards offering excellent quality and unmatched performance. That’s why ESB Tanning Beds is the #1 choice in home tanning and proudly made in America! Don’t Settle For Anything Less!

Select Series: Galaxy Sun System 18 Tanning Bed Technology

  • Galaxy Sun System 18 lamp tanning bed gives you all-around perfect tanning experience, perfect price
  • Total 18 high performance 20 minute tanning lamps with 1800 watts tanning power
  • 10 canopy lamps / 8 bench lamps: designed just like a commercial tanning bed with 2 extra lamps in the canopy
  • Specially formulated Apollo tanning lamp with 1,000 hrs lamp life
  • Standard feature: High Gloss / Mirror Finish Reflector – increases tanning power up to 25%
  • Total Body Cooling System: quiet, comfortable totally enjoyable
  • Premium Warranty
  • ESB Green Energy Approved – no special wiring required, easily plugs into 120 volt house hold outlet
  • Get essential Vitamin D, naturally from just the right amount of healthy UVB light.
  • Overall Size: 84″L x 40″W x 36″H
  • Overall Weight: 260 lbs.

Now Does It Make More Sense The Galaxy Sun Systems 18 Lamp Tanning Bed…Offers Both Great Performance & Price!


  • Style: Tanning Bed - 20 minute
  • Color: Black Pearl & Silver Trim
  • Tanning Lamps: 18 Apollo HP Tanning Lamps
  • Total Power: 1800 Watts
  • Dimensions: H 34 x W 30 x L 76
  • Electrical: 120 volts / 20 amps
  • Receptacle: 5-15R
  • Brand: Galaxy Tanning Beds & Booths
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