Oasis Tanning

Oasis 36

Want a Fast Perfect All Around Tan – Here’s the Answer – ESB Oasis 36 Tanning Booth!

We discovered, many tanners perfer the benefits of stand up tanning bed. And the ESB Oasis 36 Tanning Booth offers additional features that’s perfect for a home tanning system too. The Oasis tanning booth takes up less space than a home tanning bed. It even has been designed to fit in a corner or perhaps a closet. And yes like all ESB tanning beds amd  the stand up tanning systems the Oasis Tanning Booth “Green Energy” design easily plugs into a household 120 volt outlet. Cost a few pennies per session to operate. And no special wiring required!

36 Vertical Tanning Lamps Perform Like a 48 Lamp Tanning Bed…Why?

ESB offers the “only” home tanning booth available today. And like all ESB Signature Series systems the Oasis tanning booth is equipped both ESB Reflector type and Pink & Blue Face / Body tanners. The 36 total ESB Reflector type tanning lamps equipped in the Oasis were specifically engineered for vertical tanning systems only. The ESB Reflector VHO tanning lamps were uniquely created to provide twice as much power than the Sun for a fast 10 minute max tanning session. This tanning system is definitly the most powerful tanning equipment for home use ESB has ever developed!

Check Out These Oasis 36 Tanning Booth Features

  • 36 Total Tanning Reflector Lamps
  • 6 Pink & Blue: Face / Body Combo Tanning Lamps
  • 10 minute Maxiumum Tan Time
  • Unique Styling – Conveniently Fits in a Corner
  • Only Requires about 4′ of Vertical Space
  • 1,000 hr Lamp Life or est. 40 Yrs Tanning
  • ESB Green Energy – Saves You Money
  • Safey Back Up Timer – Peace of Mind
  • Premium Warranty – For Years of Unparrelled Performance
  • Conveniently Plugs Into 120volt / 20amp Household Outlet
  • Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the USA


  • Style: Tanning Bed - 10 minute
  • Color: Black Available (gray shown but no longer available)
  • VHO Tanning Lamps: 36 VHO Reflector Tanning Lamps
  • Face & Body: 6 Pink & Blue VHO Tanning Lamps
  • Body Lamps: 30 Blue VHO Tanning Lamps
  • Total Power: 3600 Watts
  • Lamp Reflectors: High Gloss - Mirror Finish
  • Cooling System: Open Style - Head to Toe Comfort
  • Timer: Digital
  • Dimensions: H 77 x W 48
  • Electrical: 120 volts / 20 amps
  • Receptacle: 5-20R
  • Brand: Oasis Tanning Booths
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