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5 Genius Ideas for Creating More Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

DateAugust 20, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

When you think privacy in your backyard, the first idea that comes to mind is a nice tall privacy fence. A privacy fence is a great way to give your backyard the privacy you had in mind! But even with a privacy fence, your hot tub may be still in plain view of your neighbors or pedestrians. Here are five genius ideas to keep your downtime as private as possible.

Outdoor Umbrellas

It’s amazing how much privacy a little fabric on a stand can create! Placed an outdoor umbrella in the right spot, and it can provide a lot of privacy! When choosing an outdoor umbrella, look for one that tilts easily. With the right angle, your umbrella will shade and prevent curious eyes from seeing past it.

Living Fences

We all know that hot tubs that are beautifully landscaped can add to the value of your home. So, when choosing what type of landscaping will go around your hot tub, consider planting plants that can serve as a living fence. Installing vertical planters will not only provide you with privacy but can also bring color and life to your hot tub area.


Certain trees make great fences and a great backdrop! Not every tree will make a great fence, though. Here are five types of trees that are used for privacy.

  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Hybrid Willow Tree
  • Leyland Cypress
  • Spartan Juniper
  • Sky Pencil Holly

By planting trees you will not only provide more privacy for your hot tub area, but you will also be helping the environment!


This look will give your hot tub area a spa-like appearance! Bamboo is known to be very sturdy and durable. Different species of bamboo can grow 36” within a twenty-four hour period. One of the qualities of bamboo is that it is easy to grow and it grows both tall and thick. This makes it the perfect material for a privacy barrier. Plant the bamboo in galvanized tubs and you will feel like you are visiting a hot spa in Japan each time you use your hot tub.

Trellis Screen

If you don’t want to wait for something to grow to give you the privacy that you want, you can always turn to something that is easy to build or buy. If this is your case, you may want to purchase a trellis screen. Trellis screens are easy to move and create a perfect obstruction from peering eyes.