Frequently Asked Questions - Aurora Pools

Over the few decades that we’ve been in the pool and spa business, we’ve listened to and answered our customers’ questions about their pools and spas, and how to properly care for and maintain them.

Our FAQ lists below answer many of the questions you will have as a new and seasoned pool and spa owner. If your question is not answered here in one of our FAQ’s, or you’d prefer to speak with one of our customer service specialists, please feel free to call us or stop by one of our three locations.

How long should I let the pump run?

If the pump has 2 speeds, always leave the pump on high whenever adding chemicals or swimming. You get the best results, water clarity and filtration by running the pump 24/7.

How high should the water level in the pool be?

The water level should be to the 3rd screw or halfway up the skimmer.

Which direction should the returns/jets be pointing?

The returns/jets should be down and to the side to circulate the bottom of the pool. If you are getting bubbles then adjust your return.

Which direction should I turn the valve hadndle on my sand tank?

Always move the handle in the clockwise direction and make sure the pump is off before moving.

What setting should the valve be on when vacuuming?

Leave the valve on filter while doing your routine vacuuming. Although, waste is a great setting to use if you have a lot of debris such as leaves or algae in the pool. Vacuuming on the waste helps prevent anything from getting into your filter. The water level will go down quickly while using this setting so it would be best to place a garden hose in the pool and let it fill while vacuuming.

How often should I backwash and rinse? And for how long?

Normal pressumre in a tank is about 8-10 psi. When your pressure gauge reads 10 ppm over normal you need to backwash and rinse. Backwashing and rinsing may also be needed after a heavy rain or vacuuming. Backwash for a total of 1-2 minutes and rinse for 30 seconds or until the water is clear. Not backwashing on a regular basis can cause the pressure from the return to weaken.

How often should I change the filter sand?

If you use Baquacil products it is recommended that you change teh sand every season. If you use chlorine products, it is recommended that you change the sand every 3-4 seasons.

How do I clean the sand in the tank and how ofter

Remove the skimmer basket and while backwashing 1-2 min. and rinsing for 30 sec., slowly pour teh recommeded amount of sand cleaner down the skimmer. It’s best to clean the sand at least twice a season, before you open and midway through the season to ensure proper filtration.