5 Reasons to Consider a Swim Spa | Aurora Pools

5 Reasons to Consider a Swim Spa | Aurora Pools

DateJune 6, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

The swim spa is an increasingly popular option in today’s pool and spa market. It’s appeal to water lovers is wide because they are the perfect mix of a swimming pool and a hot tub. If you’re having trouble deciding between a pool and a hot tub, you’ll likely find that a swim spa is the perfect choice for you.

Your Own Gym

If you’re looking for a low-impact workout option, a swim spa is an ideal solution. Use the jets to simulate lap swimming, or you can use any of the numerous exercise equipment options for a great underwater workout. If you’re more comfortable exercising in your own home instead of at a gym, consider a swim spa to meet all your workout needs.

It Saves Space

The footprint is significantly smaller than a swimming pool. If you’d like a pool but you don’t have enough space, a swim spa is a perfect solution. Most are about 52 inches deep (4 feet 4 inches) so there’s plenty of room for play. The span ranges from 8 feet to 16 feet, so you can find the size that’s perfect for your backyard.

Great for Children

If you have children or grandchildren, they will love to use the swim spa just as much as you do! The depth is perfect for children to swim and play, but they never get too far away from you. Even if they play on the other side, they’re only a few feet away from you. That means you can keep a constant eye on them and they still have the freedom to play.

It Costs Less

The average cost of an in-ground pool is about $30,000. For the size and the features you get, it’s a great buy! But if your budget is smaller, you can enjoy a swim spa for about half the cost of an in-ground swimming pool. You’ll also save money on maintenance because of its smaller size.

Open Year Round

Even in the winter months, you can enjoy the benefits of your swim spa. Use it during the day for exercise, then turn on the warm, bubbly jets for muscle relaxation in the evening. You control the temperature, so you know it’s ready to use all throughout the year.

If you’d like more information about a swim spa and whether or not it’s a good fit for your family, give us a call today!