6 Pool Accessories for Summer | Aurora Pools

6 Pool Accessories for Summer | Aurora Pools

DateApril 25, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

You build a pool and fill it with water, but now what? These are the pool accessories you can add to amp up the fun all season long.

LED Lights

Keep the pool party going well into the evening with LED lighting in your pool. They’re energy efficient, you don’t need to change the bulbs often, and they offer changing colors to make your pool even more fun.

Tanning Ledges

Need a great place to bask in the sun? Add a tanning ledge to your pool. These are also a great place for young children to splash without being too deep in the water.

Glow Sticks in Balloons

For a colorful pool party on a budget, put glow sticks in balloons, blow the balloons up, and then allow them to float in the pool.

Floating Pool Cooler

Cold drinks are never far away when they’re floating nearby in a cooler.

Waterproof Speakers

Keep your music player on the deck and stream the music through wireless waterproof speakers.

Swim-Up Bar

Make your pool feel like a resort by adding a swim-up bar and grill. You can install a ledge in front of your grill and add submerged bar stools to complete the bar area.