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Above Ground Pool Safety

DateJuly 31, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Maybe one of the reasons you went with an above ground pool was for added safety. After all, it’s harder for children or pets to fall into a pool raised several feet off the ground than it is for them to stumble into an in-ground pool. However, as with anything of that nature, you should take some additional safety measures to protect all access points, especially if you have little ones. Consider these above ground pool safety tips as you prep your yard.

Deck Access Safety

If you have or plan to build a deck around your above ground swimming pool, this can provide easier access to the water if you don’t take extra precautions. The deck should have a railing and a gate at the top of the stairs that only latches from the inside. Most children at risk of drowning will not be able to reach a latch of that nature, or simply may not know how to use it. As an extra step, add a lock to the gate that requires either a key or combination.

Ladder Safety

If your above ground pool doesn’t have a deck, then you likely have a ladder to access the water. When the pool is not in use, your ladder needs to be removed from the pool and put away in a secure location to make sure your children don’t get into the pool unsupervised. Another option is a retractable ladder that will lock in an upward position when not in use.

Water Security

There are also water security systems available that, when activated, will alert you when the water is breached. You can get systems that transmit a signal to an alarm you install indoors so that you can always hear it. Some of these attach to the side of the pool and others float in the water. All of them can be shut off manually when you’re actually using the pool together too.

We’re excited you’ve selected a backyard pool for your family to enjoy together. There is certainly nothing wrong with taking extra above ground pool safety measures to make sure your family is safe even when the pool is not in use.