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All About Perma Salt

DateApril 5, 2021

Did You Know?

Perma Salt Pool

The perma salt system has been very popular over the past few years. Thinking about this system for your pool? We hope the following information will help with any questions you may have.

What is a perma salt system?

The perma salt system uses natural minerals to disinfect your pool water. It is an inline system that has been proven to help provide pools with better quality water, while eliminating the use of harsh chemicals. This is a low salt system that is compatible with all above­ground pools and some in­ground pools.

How do these systems work?

As your pool water flows through the perma salt chamber, the system discharges copper and silver into your water. The copper mineral from this system serves as an algaecide, while the silver mineral serves as a bactericide. Both of these natural minerals will help kill algae, viruses,
and bacteria. If the TDS (total dissolved solids – the measurement of organic
and inorganic substances; water quality) is less than 1,000ppm it will be difficult to build a copper level. The TDS can be increased with adding salt to the pool water. We would like your TDS level to be between 1,200­1,500ppm for the system to work effectively. The amount of salt you will need to add will be based off this level.

However, this system cannot remove the dead organisms and bather wastes (such as sweat, urine, oils, etc.) from the pool water. This must be done by
shocking/oxidizing the water on a weekly basis. Under normal conditions, shocking/oxidizing with a non­chlorine shock is suggested. If your pool has a heavy bather load or water temperature exceeds 80 degrees, we recommend adding shock/oxidizer more frequently or add a low chlorinated shock such as liquid chlorine or clean shock.

Pros on perma salt pools:

No significant changes affected by sunlight (therefore stabilizer
is not needed)
Will not fade swimsuits
Vinyl liners, automatic cleaners, and solar covers will not
become damaged due to use of harsh chemicals.
Less chemical maintenance needed on a weekly basis

Cons on perma salt pools:

Potential staining could result if the system is overused or incorrect products are added.
If to high of a copper level is reached, your water could be a green color or possible
stains on the liner. A metal remover will help solve any metals that are not within the appropriate ranges and may need to be added on a weekly basis
This system should not be used in plaster pools
Too much copper in the water may also give hair a tint of a green color. Mostly in natural or colored blondes. Sorry girls. A stain and scale (metal control) can be added on a weekly basis to help prevent this. Extra shock may be required.

We highly recommend testing your water on a weekly basis to maintain proper levels

TDS – 1200ppm to 1500ppm

PH – 7.2 to 7.8

Alk – 80 to 130

Hardness – 180 to 300

Copper – 0.3 to 0.5