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Don’t Buy Online Hot Tub Parts

DateAugust 21, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

The Internet: where anyone can sell just about anything. Sure, sometimes it’s fun to go online and find specialty items – like a decorative case for your phone or a missing piece to your mother’s china collection. However, we recommend you stay away from purchasing online hot tub parts. Here’s why –

Just because online hot tub parts are cheaper doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.

Our service department frequently receives questions about the price of certain hot tub parts. We work hard to keep our prices competitive, but it’s not uncommon to find a lower price on the Internet.  There are good reasons for that!

  • We guarantee the part we sell you is appropriate for your brand of spa.
  • Using a part purchased from Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery won’t void your warranty.
  • We give you helpful installation advice if you choose to install the part yourself.
  • Our parts are factory authorized, which allows our service techs to install them if you need that service.
  • You receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing the part will work correctly when installed correctly.

We know some of you are still considering online hot tub parts.

If you’re willing to take that gamble, we urge you to keep these things in mind:

  • Is the part you purchased appropriate for your brand of spa? Or is it a counterfeit part?
  • Is the part new? Unused? Is it somebody else’s returned part? Is it a reboxed or misboxed part?
  • If you have difficulty installing the part, who is going to help you? We are unable to give installation help or advice for parts that were not purchased from us, due to liability issues.
  • If you install a part and it’s defective, then what?
  • If the part fails, will it be covered under warranty? If the part wasn’t from an authorized dealer, it’s highly unlikely.

You did your due diligence when you decided to invest in a hot tub. It’s important to be just as diligent about getting the right replacement parts for your hot tub! We hope you put as much faith in Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery with your parts and service needs as you did when you purchased your hot tub from us. Know this: if and when you require assistance with your hot tub, we’ll be here for you.