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Five myths you probably believe about hot tubs.

DateSeptember 17, 2020

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Myth: More jets make a better hot tub.

While buying a hot tub may make you feel as if you are getting more for your money. The more for your money idea is inaccurate when it comes to your hot tub jets. A great hot tub is not defined by how many jets it has but where the jets are located. The best way to find out if the hot tub jets are correctly positioned for you is to ask to test drive the hot tubs you have in mind. Call your local hot tub provider and ask to test drive that model.

Myth: All you need is chemicals to keep your hot tub clean.

While chemicals are key to keeping your hot tub sparkling. Over time the concentration of your chemicals begins to build to high levels. This is unhealthy for you and for your hot tub. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to empty and refill your hot tub every three to four months.

Myth: You don’t need a cover for your hot tub.

No, no you don’t necessarily HAVE to have a cover for your hot tub…much like not having a garage for your car. Although, just like your car, your hot tub will be open for the neighborhood animals and unwanted guest to take advantage of it during the times you aren’t present. Having a cover for your hot tub isn’t just an extra expense but essentially it can save you time and money!

Myth: Unplugging your hot tub saves you money.

Most people believe that there is no reason to leave their hot tub on and heated while it is not in us. It saves money on electricity! Right? Umm…no unfortunately, it will actually cost you more money to rewarm the water every time you want to use your hot tub. The best way to keep your electric bill down is to invest in a hot tub cover that will help insulate your water while you are not using it. When your hot tub is not in use, lower the temperature by five degrees, this will save you both time and money.

Myth: Everyone can enjoy a hot tub.

Hot tubs are very therapeutic and beneficial to your health, but not everyone should use them. For instance, the general rule for children in hot tubs is that children under the age of five should not use a hot tub. Even that rule is subject to whether the child can touch the bottom of the hot tub or are able to keep their head above water.

People that have health problems or have had health problems in the past should ask their doctors before entering a hot tub.