The Game Table Olympics - Aurora Pools

The Game Table Olympics

DateMarch 19, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

The Olympics may be over in Korea, but you can get them going again with family and friends! Nothing brings a family together like some good-spirited game table tournaments. Nothing brings the fellas together after a long work week like a good ole’ fashioned man cave equipped with a game table or two!

Why go to a billiard hall and why leave the comfort of home? We’ve got the game tables and everything else you’ll need to have your game room in regulation form!

Pool Tables:

We offer an array of pool table designs. Whether your home’s aesthetic is contemporary or classic, you’ll find a pool table that compliments your home’s decor – and more importantly, a pool table that can handle the rigors of regular play!

Table Hockey:

You don’t have to be a real hockey player to love this arcade classic – and you don’t have to go to the arcade to play! We’ve got different size tables to accommodate different levels of skill and intensity!

Table Soccer:

Some call it foosball. Whatever you call it, you’d be a fool not to add this indispensable game to your game room. A game room without table soccer would be like the Winter Olympics without ice hockey. Don’t commence your game room’s opening ceremonies without foosball!

Table Tennis:

Ping Pong. Gump’s favorite game. Get your own table and perfect your backhand. Just don’t let your tournaments devolve into beer pong games – unless everyone is at least 21 years of age and you’ve got plenty of room for your guests to spend the night!

Choose to master one discipline, or get a couple of tables and see if you can medal in multiple events! The Winter and Summer Olympics come and go, but you can achieve glory in your game room 24/7!