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Who needs a Home Gym When You Have a Pool?

DateJuly 23, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Do you have a gym membership but barely ever find time to go and make use of it? Having a home gym would save you so much more time and gas…but wait! The pool in your backyard is really being underutilized! Little did you know that your pool is the perfect gym for you to get the results that you want without ever leaving your property. It’s true! Your pool is a great place to hang out and enjoy but it is also the perfect place for you to build muscle and endurance!

Water resistance is just the thing that can take your workout to the next level! Here are four basic exercises that will challenge you as the water applies resistance to every move you make!


Walking or running in your pool is a very simple, yet very effective exercise. If you suffer from joint pain or bad knees, you will appreciate the low impact on your joints! To increase the resistance walk the perimeter of your pool and create a good current. By creating your own “lazy river” you can increase the number of calories you burn and build more muscle.

Jumping Jacks

Try doing the traditional jumping jacks in your pool. The water will help soften the impact on your joints and help create resistance as you jump in and out of the water.


Now, I know you are envisioning yourself on the bottom of your pool struggling to position yourself into a sitting position… and although that sounds very intriguing, it is far from what I meant. You need only to simply go to the edge of your pool and rest your legs on its edge so that your body creates an L shape. Proceed to bring your chest up to your legs, just like the traditional sit up. This will increase the resistance on your torso as you use your abs to keep yourself in place.

High Knees

Stretch your arms out in front of you and challenge yourself to march with your legs tapping your outstretched hands. The resistance from the water will help your legs to become stronger and the muscles to be leaner.

Now that you know you can get a great workout in your pool, put your bathing suit on and try it out! You won’t be sorry that you did!