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Plan Your 4th of July Pool Party

DateJune 5, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Large crowds and spectacular fireworks certainly have their appeal for 4th of July festivities. But sometimes you just want to do something at home with your closest and most fun friends and family.

The Fun

What is a 4th of July party without some swimming pool fun? Here are some pool game excellent ideas that will keep everyone entertained and on point with the theme of the night:

  • Diving for Red, White and Blue — Once it starts getting dark, but still too early for fireworks, divide everyone up into 3 teams and toss red, white and blue glow sticks into the pool. The first team to collect all theirs wins!
  • Pool Fireworks — Toss several water balls up in the air as a player dives, attempting to catch as many as possible before hitting the water. The player that catches the most wins.
  • 13 Colonies — You’ll need large marbles divided by color in this game (13 of each). Place 13 cups on one side of the pool ledge and buckets containing each color marble on the other side. Teams take the marbles across the pool in their toes (fists if younger) to put in the cups. First team to get a marble in each cup wins!

The Food

4th of July pool party means grilling too! And nothing grills quite like a Kamado Joe! The options are endless, since you can grill, bake or smoke whatever your taste buds desire! Need some ideas? Check out these Kamado Joe recipes.

The Fireworks

What’s a 4th of July party without fireworks!? Maybe you have an excellent view from your backyard of a grand display nearby. And you can turn your pool into its own fireworks display by adding red and blue LED lights to your water features! Even so, you still need to set some off — it’s tradition! Just make sure you’re abiding by city ordinances. If it’s legit, then we recommend having everyone contribute, either by bringing their own or contributing to a pot and you buy them ahead of time. And adhere to safety precautions, of course! 

If this all sounds amazing, but you don’t have a pool yet, we can help! Contact us today so we can get started on your pool project. If it’s not ready in time for this year’s festivities, at least you can start planning ahead for next year!