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Pool Parties For Grown Ups That Aren’t Lame

DateJuly 9, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

A sure-fire way to gauge how good your pool party is:

Are people getting in the pool?

YES – Your pool party is probably on the right track

NO – Your pool party has devolved into a boring, awkward, “regular” non-pool party

Here are some Pool Party Planning tips for grown-ups. With some pre-planning (and maybe an ice chest full of adult beverages) you ought to see your numbers of actual pool participants skyrocket. If all else fails, lure them to the edge of the pool and shove them in.

Pick A Theme

At themed parties, you’re either all in or you’re out. There’s no “half-steppin.” In case there is though, be prepared to turn those people away.

Case in point:

If you are hosting a “pirate” themed party and some dude shows up in khakis, a polo shirt, and just a silly eye patch, or captain hook hand on – turn him away. Turning away the pretenders will only serve to hype up your party anyhow. People will know that your parties are exclusive, require full commitment, and the willingness to go the distance.

Bear in mind that you have to deliver the goods. That means that on top of being suited and booted yourself, your yard should resemble a Caribbean coastal tavern. You’re on your own for that yard decoration part…

Bring Your Own Beverage – And Food

Keep these parties potlucks. This is a collective, communal party – not a food, drink, pool party charity situation! Who wants to host a party only to be left high and dry, messy, and broke afterward…

You could foot the bill for the party and charge an admittance fee, but that’s likely to deter people from attending.

Ask these folks to bring food and a beverage that fits the theme and they will be all the more invested in the party. You recall the earlier mention of full commitment, going the distance, etc… This is one way to test their resolve and their worthiness.

Set Some Ground Rules

Make it clear from the outset – “You’re getting in the pool.”

As the day carries on, as the water gets cold, and as pool participation wanes, you may have to get creative to keep the continuity going – Be ready to exercise your right to sentence party goers to punitive pool plunges.

Let’s say you are hosting our hypothetical “Pirate” themed pool party… You could prepare a pirate trivia questionnaire. The folks who answer questions incorrectly have to “walk the plank.”

Create other fun rules: Someone drops their beverage – They must belly flop into the pool. They may even have to retrieve a token from the bottom of the pool to receive another beverage.

You get the idea… you can get as creative as you like so long as you remain within the boundaries of good taste.

Now – show us you’ve got what it takes to host a pool party that isn’t lame (and where people actually enter the pool). If you need any pool supplies or advice, visit your nearest Aurora Pool, Spa, & Billiard Gallery.