Three easy ways to remedy cloudy spa water

Three Easy Steps to Remedy Cloudy Spa Water

DateOctober 1, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

When you look into your hot tub, you don’t want to see anything but absolutely crystal clear water. If you peek inside and that’s NOT what you see, it may be time to take action against the particle-filled waters that have taken over your watery oasis. So what causes your spa’s waters to cloud up like an April afternoon?  One of the most common contributors is alien substances, such as lotion, sunscreen, cologne, and even sweat! Other factors can cause your spa to look like a bowl filled with white glitter, too – things like poor filtration or organic debris. But it’s not too hard to of a problem to fix – here are three steps to help you correct the water dilemma you find yourself in:

Change your filter

A simple fix to your cloudy water may be as simple as changing your filter. Poor filtration can cause small particles to reenter your spa. Think about the filter for your air conditioner. If you never change it, the quality of the air in your house will falter.  The same happens with your spa.

Check your pH levels

After changing your filter, take the time to check your spa’s chemical balance. An imbalance of the chemicals in your spa can cause all kinds of different problems. Having a routine of checking your spa’s chemistry is an important step in keeping your water sparkling and inviting.

Add Chemical if needed

If your spa is used quite frequently, it may take more chemicals than you think. With an introduction of foreign substances like sweat, sunscreen, and cologne, the chemicals in your spa have to work overtime and may need to be replenished more often. Shocking your spa may be just the thing that brings it back from the cloudy side.

If none of these methods clear up your cloudy spa, it may be time to take a sample into your local and trusted dealer – like us! Most dealers will be more than happy to help you determine what is wrong with your spa with a simple test. We here at Aurora Pool, Spa and Billiards would love to help you solve your spa water dilemma!