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Tips for Hosting THE Pool Party of the Year!

DateAugust 6, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Whatever the event, a pool party is always the best way to celebrate! That makes it an easy Y.E.S.! For your guest, it is an easy yes but as the host or hostess…you want it not only to be a good party but a great party. A party that both parents and children will be talking about for years. But be careful! Your parties may become legendary and you will be turning people away at the next one! Here are some tips that will make your next party the talk of the town, or at least the neighborhood, for all the good reasons.

Party Theme

The first step is coming up with a stellar party theme. Step out of the norm and plan something that is different and exciting. Think of something that your family has really enjoyed in the past six months, whether it be a movie or a type of food and run with it!


Make or buy invitations that reflect your party theme. Don’t have time to make or send out X amount of cards, no problem! We have your back. Use your smartphone. Type in “invitation maker” into your app store and send your invitations digitally! This is a time-saving step.

Food And Drinks

Have your food reflect your theme. If you are having a carnival themed party, have carny food-like funnel cakes and hot dogs! If you are having a pineapple themed party, have ham cooked in pineapple juice and pineapple upside down cake. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot think of something right away, check Pinterest for ideas…hey, we all do it!

Offer your guests ice cold drinks to keep them cool and happy. Fill one cooler full of ice and water bottles and another with a variety of drinks. If you are wanting to use a non-insulated vessel to hold your cold drinks, fill your theme approved container with water and keep extra drinks in your cooler. That way you can ensure that there is always something cold to drink.

Pool Preparations

Make sure your pool is sparkling clean before your party date! Start checking your levels up to a week before the date of your party. By doing so you will ensure that your pool will be in tip-top shape by your party date.


Having a pool party during the day? Do a shade check…watch your pool area at the time you will be having your party. See how much shade is available and if you don’t think there is enough, create more by adding extra outdoor umbrellas or even a portable shade sail.


Lighting is essential in throwing an outdoor night party! Create more light by using floating pool lights. Supplying your guests with glow sticks would be a fun touch as well. Extras from this point on, everything else is a bonus point for you as a host or hostess. Add in extra towels for those who forget to bring one and you are set. Having a first aid readily available is always a plus as well.

Have fun with the planning and enjoy the pool party when it arrives!