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Choosing The Right In-Ground Fiberglass Pool For You!

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8 Step Process For Installing A Vinyl Liner Pool Infographic

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Fiberglass vs. Concrete Swimming Pools

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A backyard in-ground swimming pool is more than a place to cool off when it is warm outside. It is an investment in your two greatest assets: your home and your family. Choose from Fiberglass and Vinyl pools. A fiberglass swimming pool is made of a flexible composite material that accommodates the varying seasonal temperature changes. The installation of a fiberglass pool is also much faster than a traditional gunite swimming pool and offers less maintenance and reduced chemical use.


An above-ground swimming pool is a great alternative to an in-ground swimming pool due to its durability and versatility. If you should ever need to move, their metal construction withstands being disassembled and reassembled elsewhere. It’s just right for a family needing a pool that can be moved wherever they go! Built to last for generations, there are many sizes and shapes to choose from so you can find the right fit for your yard and family.


The On-Ground Pool is the perfect solution for a pool enthusiast with a not so desirable back yard and there offered exclusively by Aurora Pool and Spa Gallery. Often called a semi in-ground pool, it’s a perfect fit for a sloping yard. This pool is installed partially in the ground and partially out. It can be decked with wood, concrete, or brick pavers. The depth ranges available are from 40? to an 8? at the pools deep end.