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Plan your pool opening

DateApril 23, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

It may seem like just yesterday there was snow on the ground and we were all exchanging Valentines, but believe it or not – here at Aurora Pool and Spa we’re already thinking about pool opening season! In fact, customers are already calling and getting their pools on our schedule. If you want us to handle the hard part this year, be sure to give us a call sooner rather than later. That way, you can get the opening day you want, and get your family swimming sooner.

If you’re more of the do-it-yourself type and you want to open your pool on your own this year, that’s cool.

Follow these basic steps to get started:

1. Remove water and debris from the pool cover – If you don’t remove this from the cover before you remove the cover, you know what’ll happen. All that nasty stuff will end up in your pool. The easiest way to remove the water is typically with a submersible pool cover pump.

It’s not always easy to get all the debris off. A broom can help – just make sure you don’t use anything sharp. If the weather is dry, pump the water off and give things a day or two to dry out, then try using a leaf blower to blow the debris off.

2. Remove the pool cover – If any debris remains on the cover, try not to let it fall into the water. But if it does, it’s OK. You’ll just need to remove it.

3. Clean the cover and store it for the season – Spread the cover out on your driveway or a large, grassy area. Using cover cleaner, or soap, water and a brush, give it a good cleaning. Allow it to dry thoroughly, and then store it away. (Note that with some cover cleaners you can actually store the cover wet.)

4. Remove the winter plugs and skimmer ice compensators – Make sure you remove all the winter plugs and replace them with the correct eyeball or jet fittings. After you remove the ice compensator from the skimmer bucket (or buckets) and take the winter plugs out of the bottom, be sure to put the skimmer buckets back in.

5. Reinstall the deck equipment – You stored the ladders, diving boards and step rails over the winter. Now is the time to clean them up and reinstall them.

6. Check the water level – You may have lowered the water level when you winterized, or your pool may have simply lost some water. Use a hose to bring the water level back up to the halfway point of the skimmer opening.

7. Get the filter and pump ready – Replace the drain plugs and pressure gauge on your filter and pump. Inspect the lid o-ring for cracking and replace it if necessary. Set it to “filter,” reattach any other equipment like a chlorine booster, and make sure the drain plugs are secure.

8. Turn the pump on – Make sure there aren’t any leaks or drips. If the pressure on your pump is over 15 psi, backwash it to reduce the pressure.

9. Clean it – Scoop out as much debris as you possibly can. Use your pool brush to scrub the floor and walls.

10. Shock it – Shock the water to bring the chlorine level to at least 3 ppm. After the shock settles, test your pool water and adjust the chemicals to the necessary levels. Let the pool run for 24 hours, vacuum any remaining debris from the pool, and retest the water. If it’s clear and the chlorine is below 2 ppm, you’re ready to swim!

If these steps are leaving you feeling a bit overwhelmed, fret not! We are still just a phone call away.