10 Reasons to Own an Above Ground Pool | Aurora Pools

10 Reasons to Own an Above Ground Pool | Aurora Pools

DateApril 4, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

An above ground pool is the very best choice for many families, and not just because of the price. Is it possible that it’s a good fit for you? Consider these ten reasons to own an above ground pool.


You’ll save thousands of dollars when you purchase an above ground swimming pool instead of an in-ground pool. In addition, an above ground pool is a great way to test how a pool would impact your family without a significant financial investment.


There’s no need to tear up your yard during an above ground pool installation. Usually installed in a few days, the installation of an above ground pool isn’t complicated.


You can choose the pool that’s the size and shape designed to fit your space, so there’s a lot more flexibility when you’re choosing the location for your pool than if you were installing an in-ground pool.


When you move, you can take your pool with you. It’s even possible to move your above ground pool if you want to relocate it to a different spot in your backyard.

Full of Features

Many features that you love about in-ground pools are also available with above ground swimming pools. Diving boards and steps are even options for some above ground pools.


Because above ground pools sit off the ground, it’s less likely that small children or pets will wander in or fall into the water unattended. When you’re not using your pool, you can disconnect the ladder so the pool is inaccessible when you’re not around.


Above ground pools are maintained with the same chemicals and filter to keep the water clean and sanitized, but you’ll spend less money on your chemicals and you won’t use as much water when compared to an in-ground swimming pool.


Even if your backyard is too small for an in-ground pool, there’s a strong chance that you can accommodate an above ground pool. You can choose the pool size that you need, whether you’re looking for something small enough for your family or something large enough to accommodate your kid’s entire soccer team.


It’s possible to disassemble the above ground pool at the end of each swimming season so you can use that section of your lawn for something else. If you decide to keep your pool up all year long, make sure you have a great pool cover to keep your water safe and clean.


Your property taxes will likely increase after the installation of an in-ground pool because your property value will go up. That’s likely not an issue with an above ground pool. Since it’s not a permanent addition to your home, it’s unlikely your home’s value will be assessed at a higher rate.

If you’re considering a pool for the summer, come see us and help you determine if an above ground pool is right for you.