5 Hot Tub Cover Problems Not Worth Repairing

5 Hot Tub Cover Problems Not Worth Repairing

DateSeptember 26, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Your spa cover protects your hot tub from the weather all year long. Like any marine-grade vinyl, it needs some TLC to keep it in excellent condition. There are some hot tub cover problems that can be repaired without a problem. However, some issues aren’t worth the time – or the money – to repair. Consider these 5 problems that let you know it’s time to invest in a new cover.

Locks & Straps

Safety is one of the most important reasons many families have a hot tub cover. If the locks and straps on your cover are compromised, it’s a big deal. If they don’t work to properly lock your hot tub cover, it’s time for a new one.


There’s no good cure for a hot tub cover that smells stinky, musty or moldy. The only way to completely get rid of the smell is to get rid of the cover.

Outer Vinyl

The vinyl on your spa cover plays a crucial role in heat retention, cleanliness, safety and the beautify of your spa. If the vinyl is torn or cracked, it’s very difficult to repair. If the vinyl is brittle and breaks easily, it’s not possible to repair it at all.

Foam Cores

Broken foam cores are easy to spot because of how your hot tub cover looks and feels. If water puddles on top of the cover, your cores are broken or bowed. There’s no way to fix this problem, and the puddling will get worse over time. If the cover is very heavy when you try to lift it, it means the foam cores have absorbed water. That’s a conclusive sign that you need a new cover.


Spa covers are designed to help keep hot air from escaping from the tub, but that precious heat can find its way out if the hinge is torn. If the hinge tear is less than six inches, we can likely repair it. If the tear is more than six inches, it’s time for a replacement.

Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms and we’ll be happy to answer any hot tub cover questions that you might have. If you’re thinking about a replacement cover, consider a Smartop cover. They are strong, durable, maintenance-free and look great for the life of your spa. An integrated hydraulic lift provides secure, easy-to-use, two-position opening and closing of the cover. We can answer any Smartop questions you have in our showroom.