Above Ground Pool Opening Guide - Aurora Pools

Above Ground Pool Opening Guide

DateApril 5, 2021

Opening an A/G Pool

  1. Make sure all the water is off the cover before removing it.
  2. Before removing any plugs, make sure you change your sand if you need to, and then attach all hoses.
    1St hose goes from the skimmer to the front of the pump
    2nd hose (which is thicker) goes from the pump to the filter
    3rd hose goes from the filter to the return.
  3. Next, remove plugs from the skimmer and return.(If you did not change your sand, I would recommend cleaning it.)
  4. Fill the water level to the 3rdscrew on the skimmer. (Little above ½way)
  5. Before you turn the pump on, make sure you don the following:
    1st Place the valve (handle) on the backwash and turn the pump on. Backwash for 1­2 min (this will allow water to fill the tank.)
    2ndTurn the pump off and move the valve to rinse. Turn on the pump. This will rinse the sand and make sure no debris returns into the pool. Rinse for 30 seconds and then turn the pump off.
    3rd – Next move the valve to the filter Once on the filter, turn the pump on. Water should start coming out of the return. Make sure your return is pointing down and to the side to circulate the bottom of the pool.
  6. Allow water to circulate for 24 hrs before bringing it in to be tested.
  7. Do not leave a water sample in your vehicle!!! This can cause the test results to be inaccurate.