Above Ground Pool Winterization - Aurora Pools

Above Ground Pool Winterization

DateApril 5, 2021

  1. Bring a water sample in to be tested to insure proper balance.
  2. Brush and vacuum the pool.
  3. Add winter closing chemicals. (different size kits available) *Adding 1 bottle of Phosphate Remover for every 25,000gal will help prevent algae growth during the winter months
  4.   Allow chemicals to circulate for at least 1hr before closing the pool..
  5.   Turn off and unplug the pump.
  6. Remove any ladders, rails and anchors from the pool.
  7. To winterize the skimmer:
    – Remove the basket and place an ice compensator in the skimmer. (the compensator will help prevent the skimmer from cracking over the winter months)
  8. To winterize the return:    
    _ Remove the eyeball insert from the return.  There should be 3 pieces when removed correctly.

    You should be able to feel threads on the inside of the return.
    _ Once removed, insert an expansion plug and hand tighten. (this till prevent any water from leaking out and allow your water level to stay higher in the pool)
  9. Once the pool is plugged, raise the water level to the top of skimmer.
  10. Add air pillows to the middle of the pool and anchor down to help prevent moving during the winter. (pillows have grommets on each side)
  11. Place winter cover on pool, feed the cable through the grommets and tighten with winch.
  12. Winterizing the filter system  
       _ Once pool is plugged, remove the drain plugs from the strainer pot and sand filter.   _ Disconnect the hoses from the pump and sand filter

     _ Remove sight glass and pressure gauge.

_ Place the valve on winterize

The winter months can be brutal.  If you can take the pump and valve in do it!  If you cannot, then be sure to cover with a tarp or something to help protect against the winter elements.