Achieve Your 2017 Health Goals With a Finnleo Sauna

Achieve Your 2017 Health Goals With a Finnleo Sauna

DateDecember 26, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

At the beginning of every year we’re motivated and driven for greatness. We want to go further, accomplish more and feel better. However, we often find that momentum dragging after a few short months (or even weeks) as life still come barreling at us at full speed.  Without the proper tools to help us be successful, it can be hard to keep our goals accomplish-able, especially when it comes to our health.

Invest in Your Health

Why not give yourself a leg up for 2017 and invest in a Finnleo Sauna to help you on your road to a healthier lifestyle? Whether your ideal end result is losing weight, relieving stress or just helping to alleviate some pain in your muscles and joints, a sauna can help you to manage one or a combination of them with just a few minutes of use each day.

Sweat Your Way to Health

When you sit in a sauna, the radiant heat gets deep into the core of your body and results in a lot of sweating. While that may not sound entirely appealing at first, rest assured, it has amazing health benefits. For starters, white blood cell production increases, boosting your immune system. Also, the penetrating heat causes those sweating pours to release nasty toxins that impede optimal health.

If weight loss is on the 2017 resolution list, then a sauna can certainly help you get there when you pair it with an active lifestyle and healthy diet.

The heat causes your cardiovascular system to work harder, improving circulation and increasing your heart rate, in order to keep the body cool. This converts calories into usable energy, and you might consume anywhere from 300-500 calories when you spend 20 minutes in a sauna. And, as if closing the door to the sauna and disconnecting from the world around you isn’t enough to calm your nerves, the heat of a sauna helps to relax sore joints and muscles. It also helps to increase the release of endorphins, the happy chemical in the body.

Adding a Finnleo Sauna to your daily care regimen can be a great tool for accomplishing your health goals for 2017.