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All About Cyanuric Acid

DateApril 5, 2021

How Cyanuric Acid Works

Cyanuric Acid is used as a “stabilizer” for chlorine so that it is more enduring when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. It’s like sunscreen for your chlorine. Sunlight can destroy sanitizer in a very short period of time. The extreme sun can nearly wipe out all sanitizer within 2 hours.

Why Is It Important To Monitor Cyanuric Acid Levels?

An ideal level of cyanuric acid (30­50ppm) should be maintained to prevent rapid chlorine loss. When cyanuric acid levels are too high (also known as “chlorine lock”) it will reduce the efficiency of the chlorine. Cyanuric acid can build and build over time. Once it reaches a certain level, it will lock up the chlorine completely and leave your pool water without sanitizing power. Cyanuric acid does not dissipate out of pool water like chlorine will. The only way to bring this level down is to dilute with fresh water