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Can a Hot Tub Make You Smarter?

DateAugust 27, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

When you invested in your hot tub you knew that it was a wise decision for your overall health, right? Well, whether you knew it or not, it was! Having a hot tub has a multitude of health benefits! You may have already known that having a hot tub is good for relieving stress, but did you know that it can make you smarter too? Now, before you go grabbing your old algebra books and your bathing suit, allow me to explain a little more!

Hot tubs have been around for thousands of years! The only catch was that you would not normally have one readily available in your backyard! (Lucky you!) Instead, you would have had to travel a great distance to enjoy the healing waters of a hot spring. One country which has many hot springs is Greece! Along with the warm healing waters that drew many, this beautiful land is also well known for its great philosophers! Today’s studies on hot tubs and the brain show that soaking a hot tub each day can improve your brain function!

How is this possible? Well, as I mentioned before, your hot tub is the ideal place to soak and allow your stress to flow away. Stress is a big factor in preventing you to think clearly. But let’s not stoke all of your brilliance up to the lack of stress. There is a small formula that you need to follow to increase your ability to become the next Socrates!

Studies have shown that a temperature of 102 degrees is most beneficial for your brain. Immersing your body up to your arms or neck can increase the blood flow throughout your body and especially in your cerebrum. While the warm waters increase your core temperature it also sends out messages to the body to increase the amount of oxygen that enters your blood. This allows your brain to have a higher oxygen-enriched blood course through it!  Studies have shown that a regular soak in a hot tub can not only help improve normal brain function but also help those who have brain injuries!

So, the next time you have a very difficult problem or decision to make…be like the Godfather….take it to the hot tub!