Clark Griswold and his Inground Pool

Clark Griswold and his Inground Pool

DateNovember 7, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

In the land of what-ifs, have you ever wondered what Clark Griswold would have done with that bonus if he received it in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Well, we tend to think an inground pool was definitely in his future. But not just any pool; it would have to be done Clark Griswold style, for sure.

Clark’s Dream Pool

For starters, we know from Clark’s model in the movie that his pool would be square, with a diving board. While his pool model in the movie was pretty simplistic, we believe he would end up adding all the bling he could to make it stand out. You don’t go all-out once a year for Christmas decorations and not have a year-round swimming pool in your backyard without all the extras.

A Fiberglass Inground Pool for Mr. Griswold

Because Clark would want only the best, he would probably want a fiberglass swimming pool, because they tend to require the least amount when it comes to maintenance costs over time. The fiberglass shell is resistant to algae growth and there is no need for a liner replacement. The added structural bonuses, like steps, benches and coves are molded prior to installation and weather will not delay the installation process. It’s also a great option for salt purification systems because corrosion isn’t a concern with fiberglass.

Over-the-Top Accessories

There would certainly be a slide in addition to that diving board in Clark Griswold’s swimming pool, and probably some over-the-top fountain display that sprayed water at variable heights. And the lights – they would probably line the entire perimeter of the pool and change colors while synchronized to music!

Of course, it would be critical for Clark Griswold to have his pool installed by a professional, like none other than Aurora Pools. Our certified electricians and pool professionals would install the pool properly, making sure that Clark didn’t cause a neighborhood power outage or flood with his grandiose backyard haven.