Dream Maker Spa: A Common Cold Remedy

Dream Maker Spa: A Common Cold Remedy

DateJanuary 9, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

The common cold. It doesn’t sound so bad. But in reality, it can be miserable. A stuffy head, aches and pains, chills – they all add up to days of coughing and congestion, and many restless nights. You know about the over-the-counter cold remedy that Grandma would recommend – like hot tea or chicken noodle soup – to ease cold symptoms. But did you know your Dream Maker Spa can actually help you feel better, too? It’s true!

Aches and Pains

You know nothing soothes your aches and pains better than your hot tub. So when your cold symptoms settle into your muscles, soak in your Dream Maker Spa and let the heat and jets help you feel better. Relax in the contoured seats and let the water ease the pain you may be feeling in your joints. You can even adjust the amount of air that mixes with the water to get the massage that feels best to you.  

Rest and Relaxation

When you’re sick, you know you need to rest. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. After all, it can be hard to slow down even when you’re feeling great. When you have a cold, a dip in your hot tub can help you unwind, so that your body can get the rest it needs to heal.

Breathe Easy

One of the worst cold symptoms is congestion. The stuffy nose, the sinus headaches – it’s just miserable. Steam is a tried-and-true remedy, and one your grandmother probably recommended. Just like the steam from a hot shower, the steam from your hot tub can help clear your nasal passages, giving you some relief.

Beat the Chills

When your body fights a cold, it can leave you feeling chilly. You can always snuggle up with a pile of blankets – but wouldn’t you rather warm up in the peace and comfort of your hot tub? Let the water gently warm your body and push the chills away, while your Dream Maker Spa’s digital controls keep the water within one degree of the temperature you select.

So this cold season, if the germs sneak through your defenses and you find yourself sick, turn to your hot tub for an all natural common cold remedy. Just be sure to have a warm robe, a snuggly towel and some slippers on hand for when your relaxing soak is complete. You don’t want to catch another chill on your way back inside!