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Features of a Safety Cover

DateJune 4, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Summer is coming up and the time is approaching when you need to prep your swimming pool or spa. On the top of your list of purchases for summer, a safety cover should be right there. Safety covers are a must for spa and pool owners alike! The benefits of having one outway the cost of the covers themselves. It will save you time and money, along with keeping your younger family members safe.

No longer will twigs, leaves, and the occasional frog be your swimming companions. Why? Because your safety cover not only protects unwanted guest and wild/domesticated animals but also keeps everything else out as well. Imagine all that time saved from not having to chase those hard to reach leaves at the bottom of your pool!

It also helps keep the cost of chemicals down. Safety covers can cut down on energy cost and cut the consumption of chemicals by 35-60%! Think about it, fewer chemicals mean more money in your pocket and no more red eyes. It also protects your pool/spa from that dreaded algae that takes over in the blink of an eye. How? Well, algae depends on sunshine to grow and if your pool is covered and keeping the rays out, it can not grow.

Do you cringe when the water bill comes during pool season? When you invest in a safety cover for your pool or spa you also help lower your water bill. Safety covers not only protect your pool from all of the above but also helps decrease the amount of water that is evaporating into the air. A hot, dry summer is ideal for swimming but not ideal for an uncovered pool owner. Less time you spend pulling out and untangling that uncooperative garden hose! Sounds like a win, win situation for you.