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Fibromyalgia? Your hot tub may help.

DateMay 21, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

People who suffer from fibromyalgia are often looking for ways to find relief from the symptoms, especially the pain, fatigue and mood issues. Since different people find relief in different ways, many physicians and fibromyalgia experts recommend keeping a diary of your symptoms and what relieves them. That way, over time you develop what’s almost a handbook of the best ways to manage your disease.

Since fibromyalgia is a chronic condition with invisible symptoms, lifestyle modifications have been shown to be among the most effective at helping you feel better. Some of those reported to show the most success include:

Lifestyle changes

– as you keep your diary, pay attention to possible lifestyle habits that may be making your symptoms flare, like certain foods, overexertion, too little sleep, etc. Try to remove these things from your life, or make adjustments so you can avoid them.

Right amount of sleep

– keeping a regular sleep schedule and getting the recommended eight hours every night can really make a difference. If you have trouble sleeping, soaking in your hot tub for 20 minutes a couple of hours before bed can really help.


– moderate exercise can be great for preventing and relieving fibromyalgia symptoms.


– one of the best things you can do is soak in hot water, like in a hot tub. The soothing warm water and massaging jets can ease pain and stiffness. A calming soak can help boost your mood, too. In fact, a number of our customers who suffer from fibromyalgia tell us regularly using their hot tub is the single best thing they do to help ease and control their symptoms.

If you or someone you care about is coping with this disease, come see us. We can help you select a hot tub that will fit your home and budget, and will bring you years of comfort, relaxation, and relief.