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Go chlorine free, for free

DateApril 17, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

It’s what you’ve always wanted – a beautiful in-ground pool right in your own backyard. It’s your personal oasis. Someplace you can relax at the end of a long day, a place you can have fun with family and friends, a place to cool down during those hot Tennessee summers.

The thing is – those summer days will be here before you know it. So if you’re thinking about a pool, now is the time to make your move. Book your project with us before May 31st, and we’ll include a salt system (valued at more than $1500!) at no additional charge.

So, what’s a salt system?

We’re glad you asked!

A salt system is an alternative to using traditional pool chemicals for keeping your pool water clean and clear. In the long run, a salt system can save you a significant amount of money, since you aren’t spending so much on chlorine or other pool chemicals during the swimming season.

These systems are also very easy to maintain. Typically they need to be checked weekly or so to make sure they’re producing natural chlorine as they should, and you might need to balance the water from time to time. And you know what less maintenance means – more pool time!

Some people have asked us if the salt water will hurt their eyes, or if it tastes like ocean water. The answers are no, and no. Salt water pools have about 1/10 of the salt level of the ocean, so it’s not really comparable. If you’re concerned, you can wear goggles but typically the water is no more irritating than traditional pool water. And as for the taste – well, you aren’t drinking it, right? If you do get a small amount in your mouth or lick your lips you might notice a slightly salty taste, but that’s all.

If you’re interested in a salt water pool, and you’re ready to get started on your backyard pool paradise, give us a call today!