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Great Pool Games For Kids

DateJune 18, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Summer vacation is upon us. For parents, this can be a blessing and/or a curse! Life is busy enough as it is… Now you’ve got to supervise and entertain the kids 24/7. Sometimes, you even have to host the neighborhood kids for parties. That’s no easy task.

Don’t stress, Don’t fight it – Simplify it. You’ve got that backyard pool – Utilize it!

With a bit of coordination, kid supervision duty can double as your tanning and relaxation time.

Classic pool party games are fun for kids and adults alike. You might even go from supervisor to participant!

Marco Polo

Marco Polo will never go out of style. It’s blind tag – in a pool! No equipment is required. However, some safe, common sense rules must be observed:

  • No wild arm swinging by the “Marco” player – No one wants a nosebleed in the pool.
  • No roughhousing of any kind.
  • Players may not exit the water or play on the pool deck.

Chicken Fights

If any of the kids are tall enough to stand above the water and shoulder a passenger then you’re good to go! This is another pool game classic that requires no equipment.

Safe, common sense rules to abide by:

  • No punching – that should be obvious…
  • Arms only – no kicking out with the legs (That would probably make you fall anyhow).

That’s about all there is to this game.

King of The Raft

Multiple variations of this game can be played depending on the size of raft(s) that you have. Participants should use pool noodles to attempt to knock opponents into the pool until they become the last one on the raft and crowned, King of The Raft! No swinging at the face of course!

Diving For Treasure

Find objects that sink and toss them into the pool. If your kids are still gaining their confidence in the water, you might opt for larger, brightly colored objects.

If your kids are confident, good swimmers, you might toss actual treasure in the pool like quarters or half-dollars! Use common sense though – don’t dump an entire roll of coins in there. Make sure all of the coins have been retrieved!

Swim Races

Races will keep the kids occupied and ultimately make them stronger swimmers! Best to start these races from inside the water. You don’t want the diving to get too out of hand…

Any and all kids’ pool activities require focused supervision. Once you get the kids all wrangled in, focused, and having fun, you ought to be able to supervise, relax, tan, read, visit with friends, or participate in some good ol’ fashioned summertime pool party fun.

Aurora Pool, Spa, & Billiard Gallery is your local source for pool party equipment! Visit us in Knoxville, Farragut, or Morristown. We’ll make sure your backyard is properly outfitted for your summer pool parties.