Hot Tub Accessories for Safety, Convenience and FUN

Hot Tub Accessories for Safety, Convenience and FUN

DateFebruary 27, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

There are so many hot tub accessories on the market today, you can add nearly anything you need for safety, for convenience, or just for fun!

Hot Tub Accessories for Safety

Freestanding and side-mounted handrails can help you enter and exit your spa without losing your balance. This is especially helpful if you or someone in your family is using the hot tub to help cope with or recover from an illness or injury. When you’re sick or hurting, climbing in and out of a hot tub may not be easy. Having something sturdy to hold on to can greatly reduce the chances of a slip or fall.

Spa-side steps are also a great addition for safety. Most include some type of non-skid surface, and many include built-in storage for cleaning spa cleaning supplies. Or toys. You know – for the kids.

Hot Tub Accessories for Convenience

Free-standing towel racks keep your towels or robes nice and dry while you enjoy soaking in your spa. Shelves and tables that mount to the side of your hot tub keep drinks, snacks and phones within reach.

You might even consider adding an outdoor shower. Sure, you could invest in a plumbing installation and hire a contractor to build a shower surround. Or, you could set up an economic solar shower near your hot tub so you and your guests can quickly rinse before enjoying the spa.

Keeping your spa clean will add to your enjoyment, and small things, like a quick shower beforehand, make a big difference. If you spa is outdoors, just encouraging people to rinse their feet before stepping into the spa helps, too. A backyard foot bath – a shallow tray with a ridged bottom filled with water, is an inexpensive and easy way to encourage this.

Hot Tub Accessories for Fun

We saved the best for last! No matter the reason you purchased your hot tub, you want to enjoy it, right? From waterproof playing cards to floating bluetooth-enabled speakers, this is where you can create the hot tub experience that speaks to you.

A floating cooler, so your drinks are always close at hand? Check. A floating LED light system that produces an underwater light show? Check. Inflatable toys – for the kids, of course. Check. Fragrance, to set the mood? Why not.

There are just so many options – stop by one of our locations today and choose the accessories that are right for you.