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Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide

DateOctober 10, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

A hot tub is a significant investment, so you want to make sure you purchase the spa that’s a good fit for your family. Now is the time to do your homework, and make sure you have time to take a test soak before you buy. Check out our additional tips for finding the right spa in our Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide.

Shop the Dealer First

Buy your hot tub from a reputable dealer that will provide service and support after the sale. Some traveling groups sell spas from city to city, but they’re not around when you have questions or need support. Where you buy your spa is just as important as how much money you spend; it might be even more important. Make sure the business has a good reputation in your community, is trustworthy, and can offer advice about how to maintain your hot tub.

Ask the Dealer for References

A reputable dealer will have satisfied customers, and the owner won’t mind sharing some of that information with you. Ask friends and family members too because they probably have stories about hot tub brands and/or customer service. If you’re considering buying a spa from an online outlet, think again. There’s no way to verify how the company does business because they likely won’t share satisfied customer references with you.

Is Delivery Included? What About Accessories?

Ask your dealer what’s included in the price of the spa. Does it include an insulated hot tub cover, a cover lifter, steps, water care products, and instructions about how to use the spa? Does the price include delivery and setup? Believe it or not, some companies will deliver the spa to your house and leave it in the driveway. Don’t call your neighbors over and injure yourselves wrestling the hot tub into place. Instead, choose a company that will make hot tub delivery day one of the happiest days of your life!

Look Online, but Don’t Buy Online

Yes, we encourage you to research your purchase online. No, we don’t encourage you to buy your spa online! Never buy from an out of state seller or a company that’s exclusively “in home sales.” It’s been proven time and time again that these guys aren’t there after the sale when you have questions about your product or when you need service. When you buy online or in your own home, you also don’t have the opportunity to compare products side by side or try them out with a test soak.  The odds are very high that you’ll be disappointed.

Don’t Buy Your Spa & Trash Bags at the Same Store

Sure, “big box” retailers carry spas. Sometimes they’re less expensive. Every time, they’re stripped down versions and/or off-brands that don’t have solid warranties. These hot tubs have limited insulation and they’re almost always very noisy when they run. When you don’t have a chance to try out the spa before your purchase, you can’t test the noise levels. And when you buy from a “big box” store, the sales clerk has had as much training on a spa as he did the trash bags in Aisle 17, so he won’t be able to answer questions about the limited insulation. Any money you save up front will be spent in the long run because of maintenance, repair and your limited warranty.

Whatever You Do: Stay Away from Craigslist Spas

Sure, it’s possible you could get a clean spa in good working condition off of Craigslist. It’s more likely that you’ll win the lottery. People don’t sell spas on Craigslist because they work well, they sell them to get rid of them. Craigslist spas usually feature water that’s consistently cloudy and utility bills that skyrocket because it costs a ton of money to heat the spa. If you think you can’t afford a new spa, stop by the store and we’ll try to work with you. But please don’t throw your money away on a lemon.

Proud to Serve Tennessee

Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard has proudly served Tennessee since 2000 (and we have experience outside of Tennessee before that). We’ve seen and heard the horror stories of people who thought they’d cut corners, and we don’t want you to be one of them. The information in this Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide is carefully crafted to protect your purchase. If you’d like more information about our spas, check out the link below to download our exclusive Spa 101 Guide.

Click here to download the Spa 101 Guide, a companion to this Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide, free courtesy of Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard.