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Hot tub Maintenance: Get the Family Involved

DateSeptember 11, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Your new spa was an investment in fun and relaxation for the whole family. Your kids are enjoying swimming in the afternoons and you get to relax and unwind every evening after work. Hot tub maintenance isn’t hard and doesn’t talk long, but why not get the kids involved in helping maintain your family investment?

When kids take on some of the responsibility of caring for the spa, they will have a pride and sense of ownership.  In fact, your kids will likely even see hot tub maintenance as a fun chore to do!

  • Brushing down the sides and floor of your spa is something that should be done regularly.  Teach your kids how to properly do this job and they now have a new mission as a deep sea explorer that is both fun and functional!
  • Kids also enjoy vacuuming the spa. They may not enjoy vacuuming the floors, but teach them to use a water vacuum to remove debris and vacuuming will become their new favorite activity (at least for a while).
  • Monitoring the water level and filling the spa as needed is another kid friendly job that the kids can take off of your plate freeing you up to enjoy more time relaxing in your spa.

Don’t get too excited about pawning off all of the maintenance jobs on your children. Some jobs still require adult supervision, but bringing the kids in to help with the job is still beneficial.  For example, testing the water for proper PH and alkalinity is a great lesson in chemistry. The kids are sure to enjoy using the test strips to see the chemical levels.  Learning which chemicals need to be added to sanitize, disinfect, or clarify the water, are great lessons in the importance of clean water. Kids will see that keeping the spa well maintained is an important part of owning a spa.

Getting the whole family involved with hot tub maintenance, not only helps keep your spa in great shape, but also helps your kids to appreciate the work that goes into their fun new play area!