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How a Sauna Helps You Ward Off Colds & Flu This Winter

DateDecember 10, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

The “cold season” peeks between the months of December and February each year. The illness was so bad last year, that it was rare to hear of someone that didn’t have a cold or the dreaded flu! The average American begins to prepare for this foreboding time of year by buying cold and flu medicine by the truckload…but what if we told you that there is a way to help your body naturally ward off colds and cases of the flu! If the first thing that came across your mind was to wash your hands…yes, yes, that is a great way to help avoid all of those yucky germs…but not exactly where we were going. Did you know that a sauna can naturally assist your body to keep your body healthy?

Now, you may be thinking, “I don’t have time to sit in a sauna for hours.” We have great news for you! It really doesn’t take much time for a sauna to benefit your body. Dedicating fifteen minutes a day is all you really need. Just fifteen minutes!

The idea is to sit in your sauna long enough to allow your body’s core temperature to rise to the temperature between 101-102.5°F. This creates what is called an artificial fever. Having your body’s temperature rise stimulates your immune system. By doing so, your body’s white blood cells increase. This is a good thing! It’s your body’s natural way of fighting sickness!

Did you know that the word sauna is a Finnish word? True story! According to Finnish and German studies when you use a sauna regularly, you will have 30% less chance of getting the flu or a cold. Using it regularly is essential to your body reaping the benefits but also going from hot to cold. This action is also very important, as it helps you stimulate your immune system and ensure that you get a great night of sleep! Being well-rested is also very important in keeping your body healthy.

Stay on the healthy side of the invisible “cold season scale” by dedicating just a few minutes out of your day to relaxing in your sauna! Don’t have a sauna? Come into Aurora Pool, Spa and Billiard today and choose your top-of-the-line sauna!