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How much does a swim spa cost?

DateMarch 5, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

It’s not always easy to find up-front pricing information from reputable pool and spa dealers online. But last month we lifted the curtain so that you have a good idea how much in-ground poolsabove ground pools and hot tubs actually cost – and what you get for the money. Now we’re rounding things out with a discussion on swim spas.

Swim spas really are an amazing, do-it-all solution to in-home relaxation, fun and exercise. Think about it. With this one piece of equipment, you can:

  • Swim an unlimited distance, at nearly any speed, in a simulated open water environment.
  • Enjoy low-impact water resistance exercises, including water aerobics, rowing and more.
  • Have family fun! It is a pool, after all. (And the kids love the current!)
  • Relax in the hydrotherapy seats after a workout, or anytime – for any reason.

If you’re shopping for a swim spa, there are a number of options to consider. One of the first is size – how large of a swim spa do you need? They’re available in a variety of configurations, with the most prominent variable being the number of hydrotherapy seats. While you’re shopping, the other major consideration on your mind is likely price.

Swim Spa Pricing
$13,999 and up

What you pay for a swim spa will depend on the size of the swim spa you choose, and the options you decide are important. At Aurora, we proudly carry Bahama Pro Series swim spas in 13-, 17- and 19-foot lengths. The simplest way to look at it is that the longer the spa, the more hydrotherapy seats you’ll get.

All models have padded headrests, and fun things like underwater lighting, illuminated jets and a waterfall. Some models include exercise equipment while it’s an option on others, and some include a Bluetooth stereo system while on others it’s an add-on. Add-ons, of course, add to the price.

If you need some help deciding which swim spa is right for you, if you’d like to talk through your questions with us, if you’d like to see a swim spa to get a feel for the durability and design – or if you’d like to do all three – stop by a showroom today. We’d love to see you!