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How to Enjoy Your Hot Tub All Year Long

DateNovember 26, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

As the cooler evenings begin to invite the changing of seasons, it will seemingly open the door for hot tub season to begin. But when did hot tubbing really end? Here at Aurora Pool, Spa and Billiard, it never did! Most new spa owners don’t realize that having your hot tub running all year round is a thing! Unlike a pool, your hot tub is the perfect place to spend your free time all year round! Undoubtedly, autumn and winter offer some of the best weather to enjoy your spa but don’t discount the other two seasons! Spring and summer are great seasons to enjoy your spa as well! Here are some tips on how to make use of your hot tub all year long!

Autumn and Winter

Now that the weather, trees, and animals are all preparing for the cooler months, maybe it’s time to do so with your hot tub! Since the days of using your spa as a small pool are faint memories, it is time to start turning that heat back up. Check that your hot tub cover is in great shape and make sure that it is clear of any debris. Always keep your spa heated, especially when you live in a cooler climate! This will prevent your lines from freezing and also keep it from cracking! Continue to keep up with your hot tub’s maintenance on a regular basis of every three to four months. The more you use it, the more it is going to require your attention. With the winter weather, keep a constant eye out for any signs of leaking or cracks!


Spring cleaning mode may be in full swing in your home, but don’t forget to add your spa to your list! After a long winter, it’s time to drain your tub and give it a good scrubbing! Simply drain it and gently scrub down everything! Using a spa approved cleaner is always best! Don’t forget to scrub down your cover as well! Now, that you are done with all of that scrubbing, refill, warm her up, and test her out. While you relax in your spa, enjoy watching the earth reawaken with new life.


Summer is probably the one season when your hot tub may not be used as much and we get it. The heat from your tub isn’t as enticing as it is during the cold months, but that can easily be fixed with a few pushes of a button. Simply turning your spa down to 85° or its lowest setting, will create the optimal place to escape the warm weather! That’s right, your spa has morphed into a small pool right before your very eyes! 

Now that you are certain that hot tub season never ends, why are you still here? Grab your bathing suit and enjoy THIS season (whatever that may be) of hot tubbing!