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How To Get Your Hot Tub Ready For Winter

DateDecember 2, 2022

How to Winterize Your Hot Tub

Using a hot tub in the winter can be an extremely pleasant experience, and for some of us, wintertime is the most satisfying way to enjoy them. With holiday parties in full swing, you and your guests will love stepping outside in the freezing temperatures for a few seconds before dipping into a steamy spa.
Some of you, however, may want to shut down your tubs during the winter for a variety of reasons, but usually because you are heading south for the cold months. If you are not going to be using your tub in the winter, it is vital that it is shut down properly in order to prevent severe, irreversible damage to your pump and plumbing due to freezing and cracking.

Preliminary Steps

Shut off the Valves and Water Supply : Before turning off the power, make sure that your jets are all open, and your control valves and water supply are turned off.

Cut the Electricity : It is important to conduct the following process with safety as your priority—you are dealing with water and electricity after all. You can ensure your security by turning off the spa and the heater, unplugging them, and hitting the circuit breaker in the breaker box.

Remove the Filters : After turning off the current, take the cover off your spa and remove the filters. To keep them in good shape, give your filters a very good clean, before storing them in the garage.


Open the Spigot : In order to start the draining process, you must access the spigot by removing the cabinet panel which is the door to the equipment compartment on the side of the tub.

Near the main pump, there is a small pipe called the spigot, which you can open up to drain all the water from the spa. You can attach a hose to the spigot to effectively displace the water into a drain. There is also the possibility of watering your garden with this water. Chlorine dissipates quickly and should be gone after 24 hours. Combined with a pH of 7.2-7.4, the water is safe for your garden.

Vaccuum: If you have a wet vacuum, or a cylindrical ShopVac, use it to individually clear the lines.

Drain Plugs : Unplug them from the pumps and let the remaining water flow out. Place the plugs back in their holes.


Blowers: Once the majority of the water has been cleared from the tub, it is time to remove the spa cover, and turn the power back on. A hot tub blower is a unit which creates air flow through the jets, creating those cozy bubbles. Turning the blower on at this point will clear any remaining water from the pipes and channels. Be sure to shut the power off after doing this.

Fittings: Remove any plastic fittings such as pipes, valves, and adapters and wipe them dry.

Dry: Take a towel or sponge and wipe up any water the is left in the tub. When it has been completely dried, put the cover back on.

Final Touches

Hot tub covers do not completely seal a spa. With the many openings in a hot tub, it is best to put the panel back on and cover the spa with a tarp. Hold it down with straps, stones, or bungee cords to prevent dirt from finding its way in and animals from making it a warm winter home.

This completes the winterizing of your hot tub, making it resistant to freezing temperatures and damage. When opening it up in the spring, make sure to properly clean the tub with ammonia before powering it and filling it up again.