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Insomniacs, Listen Up! A Hot Tub Might Help You Get Those Zzzzz’s

DateAugust 13, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

“Tossin and Turnin” appears to be the tune that most Americans can relate to. The sleep disorder, insomnia, affects about 25 percent of Americans! What is causing so many Americans to lose a great night of sleep? Stress is one of the highest factors in Americans not sleeping. There are many remedies to help with insomnia but most are contained within a bottle or need a prescription. What most Americans may not know is that the answer of the restless nights is sitting in their own backyard and not in a medicine bottle! What could be more natural than the embracing watery hug your hot tub will give you?


Slip into your hot tub two hours before your normal bedtime. Why two hours? You will want to dedicate forty-five minutes to relax in your hot tub and an hour allowing your body to cool down. This is almost resetting your brain. By heating up your core, you are drawing the blood into your arms and legs causing your brain to relax more. Soaking also causes your body to produce more endorphins and serotonin, both are important in helping your body to get rid of stress.


Make this time about resting! Put down the smartphone, tablet and turn off your tv. Allow your hot tub to bubble away your stressful day! During this time your core temperature will be elevated, this is key to the next step…allow yourself at least an hour to cool off. While your core begins to cool, it will signal your brain that it’s time to sleep.


Climb into your bed and get ready for the best night of sleep! As your body cools down, sleep should claim your relaxed body quickly. Not only should you fall asleep easily but you will also sleep deeply which is just what your body needs!

Go ahead and try it out! The most you can lose is forty-five minutes of not being relaxed!