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Is saltwater a better way to sanitize your spa?

DateMay 28, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

We try to better our lives by lessening the number of chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis. Pinterest is full of natural ways of cleaning things from using vinegar to baking soda. So when it comes to your spa you are trying to decide if a saltwater system is another way to help reduce chemicals in your life. Some of the positives are that saltwater is a chemical-free way of sanitizing your spa and it is much better for your eyes and skin. But is it really what you want in the long run?

Salt is natural which means it must be healthy! Right? While this is true, the other side of the coin is it can make it difficult to keep the levels in your spa’s water stable. The saltwater system may not be able to keep up with the demand as your spa is used regularly and thus requiring the aid of chemicals. On the flip side, if your spa is not used often it may create an overabundance of chemicals. While the cover on your spa keeps everything out, it will also trap in all of the extra chemicals produced by the system and cause a chemical imbalance. In the long run, you may end up using chemicals on top of the salt water system to keep your water at safe levels for you and your family.

More often saltwater systems are used in pools than spas…but the difference between pools and spas using it can be vast! For instance, pools seldom have metal components that can be affected by the saltwater. Spas, on the other hand, have metal components in the heater. One thing is for sure…salt plus metal equals corrosion. Which means that metal components may require more maintenance than normal. Most believe that installing a saltwater system on their spa requires less maintenance. The truth is that your chlorinator will need a regular inspection twice a month to prevent calcium buildup. Calcium buildup is not an uncommon nuisance of a saltwater system. It clings to the chlorinator and will need to be cleaned off manually. By keeping a regulated schedule you can prevent calcium buildup from becoming too much of a nuisance.

Like most things, saltwater systems have their positive notes and negative sides but with regular maintenance, you can lessen the number of chemicals you encounter and enjoy a healthier spa.