Repair or Replace? Your Swimming Pool Cover Guide to Safety

Repair or Replace? Your Swimming Pool Cover Guide to Safety

DateSeptember 5, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

A swimming pool cover is designed to protect both your pool and the people walking around your pool. The cover keeps leaves and debris from getting in the pool, but it also keeps pets, children and anyone else from accidentally falling into the pool. If you’ve noticed some wear and tear on your pool cover, it could be easy to repair. However, it might be time to replace. Use this Swimming Pool Cover Guide to Safety to help you determine what to do with your own pool cover.


Check the Fabric

Fabric breaks down over time due to a number of reasons, and the fabric on your swimming pool cover is no different. A small amount of cracking and peeling is expected because of temperature variations and pool chemicals the cover is exposed to daily. If you notice weak spots in the cover and start to see water and debris seeping through the surface, it’s time for a new cover.

Feel the Fabric

New pool cover fabric is malleable and supple. If you touch the fabric and it feels tough and brittle… it’s time for a replacement cover. Stiff pool fabric is more likely to break and give out, which can be a significant safety hazard.

Inspect the Webbing

Over time, the threads in your pool cover can fray or even disintegrate. If you see holes in your pool cover, it’s possible the cover could fail. Also look to see if the webbing on the pool cover is bunched up around the strap, which could cause the fabric to catch and tear. A cover with sewn webbing is only as strong as the stitching used to keep it together. If you pull on the webbing with little force and it separates from the cover, the cover is rotted and irreparable, thus a replacement is certainly in order.

If you have specific questions about your pool cover, we can help you determine if a quick repair or a replacement is necessary. Stop by one of our showrooms or give us a call today.