Research Now: Start Your Saltwater Pool Journey Early

Research Now: Start Your Saltwater Pool Journey Early

DateNovember 21, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Pool season is over for most now, the pool cleaned and covered for hibernation. However, if you’re thinking of transitioning to a saltwater pool purification system when you open it up next spring, then now is the time to start researching the options that are available.

Saltwater Pools & Chlorine

First, there’s something you should know but may not realize: saltwater pools do contain chlorine. The difference is, it’s a naturally occurring chlorine produced by the salt as it’s processed through the generator that comes with a saltwater purification system. The major difference is the level of chlorine produced by a saltwater system – it’s much lower than a pool in which you add chlorine yourself.

The Cost of a Saltwater Pool System

While the up-front cost of a saltwater purification system may be more than that of a chlorine pool, the longer you have it, the more that cost balances out. So if you plan to maintain your pool long term, a saltwater system certainly works in your favor. Of course, there are electrical costs from running the generator each day (how long you run it depends on the season). But you’re also not constantly having to add chemicals manually, saving the cost of both your time and purchasing replacement chemicals frequently.

Make Maintenance a Breeze

If you’re looking for something that makes it easier to keep your pool clean, then saltwater may be ideal for you. With a chlorine pool, you have to test the water, shock it and add chemicals as needed to get rid of algae growth and other concerns. If you’d rather not spend the time, a saltwater pool only has to be cleaned once a year. Now, mind you, that annual cleaning is rather labor intensive – drain the pool, scrub the pool, change filters, check the generator, and refill – but that one day a year may be more doable for your daily schedule.

Aurora Pools offers several saltwater generator options for your current pool or a new one – we’ll certainly find something that fits your needs and desired maintenance level. Contact us to examine more thoroughly if converting to a saltwater system is right for you.