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Saunas – Tools of Elite Athletes

DateFebruary 5, 2021

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Ever had a chance to visit a professional sports team’s training facility? What did you notice? We’ll bet you saw a hot tub! Did you see a sauna? All professional sports teams have recovery equipment for their players. More and more are adding saunas to their recovery equipment inventory.

Hockey players in particular are getting hip to the benefits of regular sauna use, likely due to the amount of NHL players coming out of Finland. Those Finns are sharing this very Finnish tradition with their teammates.

Teemu Selanne – perhaps the most famous Finnish hockey player of all time, Stanley Cup Champion, and Hockey Hall of Fame inductee – loves a sauna and swears by it. He’s even taken the Stanley Cup into a sauna!

Of course, Teemu Selanne can have any sauna he wants. He prefers the Finnleo brand of sauna, the very same Finnleo we carry here at Aurora.

Check out this interview with Teemu Selanne: 

Check out the benefits of regular sauna use

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to appreciate all of those benefits. We all need a sauna in 2018. Today’s world is laden with toxicity – byproducts from all of man’s “advanced” endeavors and “progress.” Most people, even the most health conscious regularly ingest some amount of processed “foods” and alcohol.

The sauna is a phenomenal way to regularly rid your body of the junk it absorbs from the world around us. So whoever you are, whatever your lifestyle, a Finnleo sauna is sure to improve your health! Visit your nearest Aurora showroom. We’ll be glad to give you an in-person demonstration!