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In the Mood to Save on a Hot Tub? New Vs. Used

DateSeptember 3, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

Dreaming of having a hot tub to call your own but would like to save as much as you possibly can? Have you considered buying a pre-owned hot tub?  Much like buying a used tv, smartphone, or car… buying a used hot tub has its advantages beyond the smaller price tag! One of the biggest advantages is staying within your budget! While this is a huge positive to buying used, let’s explore some of the others! Finding a spa that has all the bells and whistles of yesteryear! If you are looking for something that makes your tub extra special,  it may be easier to find than you think! Most used hot tubs are not very old and may have everything you want while still being fairly new! You may be pleasantly surprised when you find out how much a second-hand high-quality spa doesn’t cost! After all, a well cared for high-quality hot tub will remain high-quality!

Buying from a Certified Dealer

Now before jumping on Craigslist, you may consider buying your new-to-you hot tub from a certified dealer. If you have no idea of what to look for, buying from a dealer may be exactly what you will want! Most dealers will do everything they can to ensure that you are receiving a quality spa. Some dealers may even include a warranty of some type. This makes buying used easy and will set your mind at ease! The cherry on top is shipping options! No asking your friend’s friend’s cousin to help you get your new-to-you hot tub home! Most dealers will have a delivery option and bring your spa to you!

Buying from the Public

If you do decide to buy from a friend, online website or garage sale type site, make sure that you go and see the hot tub filled with water and bubbling away! Why is this important? It’s not easy to spot problems like leaking or cracked seals in a dry hot tub (both are common in hot tubs that are stored for a long time). Make two trips. One to see how the hot tub is filled with water, and the second time to see it when it is emptied. This will ensure that you have seen it in working condition and the other to see if it has any problems that were hidden by the water.

However you choose to buy your new-to-you hot tub, make sure you do your homework and shop all of your options before selecting it!