Who Says a New Years Resolution Can't be Fun?

Who Says a New Year’s Resolution Can’t be Fun?

DateDecember 5, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

You set a New Years resolution. You’re going to lose weight. You’re going to quit smoking. You’re going to quit drinking — or at least bring it down to below Jim Morrison levels.

2017 is here, and your New Years resolution with it.

The thing is, improving your health and well-being doesn’t have to be something you dread doing (not that we think all those other things are bad ideas). You can reduce stress and anxiety, release muscle tension, improve mental focus and promote healing all without withdrawal, hunger or elliptical machines.

The Beauty of Hydrotherapy

Starting at about $150 a month, you can join the millions of Americans who have discovered the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy. You get out of a hot tub better than you went in, and with brands like Marquis and Sundance, there is an option for every person and every budget. Hot tubs have long been associated with fun, decadence and Champagne. We’re not against any of those things — unless, of course, they go against your New Year’s resolution. But science has proven that hot tubs are much more than just the centerpiece of a good party. The warm, relaxing water and powerful massaging jets are are truly therapeutic. Hence the name hydrotherapy. Time in a spa can rejuvenate the body and quiet the mind.

Make your 2017 New Years resolution one you’ll enjoy enough to stick with. Invest in a hot tub this year. Your body — and your family — will thank you.